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Why the changes?

Those of you who knew my previous website might be wondering why all these changes. Why has Czech completely dissapeared from it? Why is the new website so much lighter? Why does the website directly open in English when it used to open in French?

Let me explain.

After more than a year as a freelance translator, I have seen enough of the translation market to begin to understand what the needs out there are as well as what I feel most comfortable with.

Czech, even though it is one of my mother tongues, is not the language I was most comfortable translating into, and wasn't the most asked for either, at least not by the people I have worked with, that is why I decided to let other translators keep this market and took it completely off.

On the previous website, I wrote lenghty texts to explain everything, which was cool for people interested in it, but not so cool for people who needed to get an information fast. With the new website, people get the most important information right away, and for those who want to know more, there's the blog!

Last but not least, French being my mother tongue, I aim to reach English speaking people to translate their books or documents into French, that is why the new website opens in English first and needs to be changed to French. Although I'm pretty comfortable translating into English as well, I had to make a choice, and this was, in my opinion, the best one.

I hope this helped you understand, and don't hesitate if you have other questions, I'll be happy to answer them.


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