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Welcome to TRANSLATE MY WOR(L)D's blog

Hi everyone, and welcome to TRANSLATE MY WOR(L)D's blog!

I've been working as a freelance translator for over a year now, (after ten years as an in house translator) and thought I had a website, I felt like there was something missing, a place where I could really interact with clients, potential clients, other translators, well just about everybody.

We freelance translators spend a lot of time behind our screens and hardly ever meet our clients as in our era everything goes just so fast with the internet.

I tried to think about how I would feel, sending my work or documents to somebody I don't even know, to let him work on them, study them, tear them apart, reassemble them...and I must say, I wouldn't be too willing...

That is the first reason as to why I decided to create this blog. I want my clients and potential clients to get to know me better and to better understand how I work.

The other major reason being exchanging with other translators, and giving advice to those who'd like to join in on the adventure of professional translation as a freelance translator. I've been through all this and you can't even begin to imagine the questions that were running through my head at that time. How much should I charge for a translation? Where should I start looking for new clients? How should I set up a contract? Do I use paypal or bank transfers? Do I ask to be paid upfront or what?... and so much more.

So I hope each of you will be able to get something from this blog, and don't hesitate to comment, give your opinion, asks questions, and share!

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